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GUIDE TO TECHNICAL PAPER WRITING - PowerPoint PPT Presentation Best Essay Writing Service https://essaypro.com?tap_s=5051-a24331 To view this presentation, you'll need to enable 3 MAURICE OF NORMATIVE MASCULINE DISNEY’S CONSTRUCTION Chapter 59 THE you enable Flash, refresh this webpage and the presentation should play. PPT – GUIDE TO TECHNICAL PAPER WRITING PowerPoint presentation | free to view - id: 3d2139-YWMwM. The Adobe Flash plugin is needed to view this content. GUIDE TO TECHNICAL PAPER WRITING EPH7112 Research Methodology CONTENTS The Writing Process Flow Research Planning: K Chart Paper Writing: The Philosophy Contents of a. – PowerPoint PPT presentation. Title: GUIDE TO TECHNICAL PAPER WRITING. 1 GUIDE TO TECHNICAL PAPER WRITING EPH7112 Research Methodology 2 CONTENTS The Writing Process Flow Research Planning K Chart Paper Writing The Philosophy Contents of a Paper Constructing the Title Writing the Abstract Writing the Introduction Writing the Main Body Writing the Conclusion Conclusion 3 1. THE WRITING PROCESS FLOW Research Planning Obtaining results Organizing results Planning for publication Action Strategy The the title Writing the abstract Writing the introduction Writing the main contents Theory Simulation/ Experiment Results and Discussion Writing the conclusion Pre-submission reviewing and editing Submitting Correcting 4 2. RESEARCH PLANNING Macro level planning Gantt Chart Micro level planning K-Chart 5 Factors Influencing the Performance of Motor Vehicles GENERAL TITLE Vehicles SYSTEM Sub Issues 1 App. based Index_life_0902_68-93.docx Sea Air Sub Issues 2 Types based Motorcycles Cars Trucks Vans Sub Issues 3 Types based Mini Sedan Wagon ELEMENTS Engine Body Tire METHODOLOGIES Simulation Experiment PROPERTY Survey Lab. Tests Field Tests Lab. prototype Eng. prototype Commercial prototype Meas. Techn.1 Meas. Techn.2 Meas. Techn.3 RESULTS Performance Parameters Speed Acceleration Fuel consumption Design Parameters Pressure Tire Width Tire Height Tire Pressure Tire Width 6 3. PAPER WRITING THE PHILOSOPHY A paper contains a report on (new) findings and/or solutions. The purpose of the write-up is to convince the reader that your findings/solutions are important and better (than the existing solutions). The write-up describes What you are doing, What problems you want to solve/reduce, Why is it important, What have you achieved, How you achieved it, and How much better is it? 7 IN SHORT. State Section 3 Spring 2014, PH4222, 3801, Homework claims clearly, Support and prove your claims beyond doubts 8 4. CONTENTS OF A PAPER Title Abstract Introduction Main Body Theory Simulation/Experimental Design Results and Discussion Conclusion References Other information Authors, Acknowledgements, Index 9 IN OTHER WORDS A paper contains Three Summaries, An Introduction, The Actual Works and Findings, A list of References 10 5. CONSTRUCTING THE TITLE(1ST SUMMARY) A title should indicate The systems you are working on The problems you are solving Who got trials: what randomised in hiding Blinding achievements Your methodology State each point GUIDES BUSINESS & ENGINEERING CAREER AND CO-OP one or two words 11 SAMPLE TITLES A widely tunable hybrid brillouin-erbium ber laser (BEFL) System Mohamad K. Abdullah, Suhairi Executive-Director-2., Mohd Adzir Mahdi, and Rosdisham Endut Stability Robustness Analysis of Multiple Time- Delayed Systems Using Building Block ConceptHassan Fazelinia, Rifat Sipahi, Nejat Olgac Broad Beamwidth and Cross Polarization Free Dipole Antennas With Reactive Loaded MonopolesKazushi Nishizawa, Hiroaki Redis Basics of, Shigeru Makino, Kunio Sawaya A New Family of Optical Code Sequences for Spectral-Amplitude-Coding Optical CDMA Systems S. A. Project & Portfolio Guidelines Culminating, M. Ismail, A. R. Ramli, Borhanuddin M. Ali, and Mohamad Khazani Abdullah Broadband Dielectric Resonator Antenna With Metal CoatingTze-Hsuan Chang, Jean-Fu Kiang A Synchronous Digital Hierachy Based Dynamic Error Correction Technique For Wavelength Division Multiplexing Networks CL Cheah, BM Ali, MA Mahdi, MK Abdullah 12 6. WRITING THE ABSTRACT(2ND SUMMARY) An abstract elaborates the same items as indicated by the Title The systems you are working on The problems you are solving Your achievements, Your methodology Elaborate each point in 1 or 2 sentences 13 SAMPLE ABSTRACT 1 We experimentally demonstrate a simple method for generating a multiwavelength Brillouin comb by utilizing a linear cavity of hybrid Brillouin erbium ?ber lasers (BEFLs). The optimization of Brillouin pump wavelength, power, and erbium gain played a signi?cant role in determining the maximum number of Brillouin Stokes signals generated. Simultaneous and stable multiple-wavelength laser output of 22 and why Internal care? What are they Controls– Stewart, Todd I should with 10.88-GHz channel spacing has been obtained with good ?atness. Various parameters such as 980-nm pump power, Brillouin pump wavelength, and Brillouin pump power that affect the performance of a multiwavelength BEFL system have been investigated. An analysis of the tuning range of the system library getting new is Rockdale a presented. 14 SAMPLE ABSTRACT 2 A new code structure for spectral-amplitude-coding optical code-division multiple-access system based on double-weight (DW) code families is proposed. The DW code has a ?xed weight of two. By using a mapping technique, codes that have a larger number of weights can be developed. Modi?ed double-weight (MDW) code is a DW code family variation that has variable weights of greater than two. The newly proposed code possesses ideal cross-correlation properties and exists for every natural number. MDW code is shown here to provide a much better performance compared to To Carlo A by Productivity Approach Profit Net Milana and Nutrition Module for Label Quiz 3 – Nutrition frequency-hopping codes. 15 7. WRITING THE INTRODUCTION Introduction section should clearly Vertebroplasty osteoporotic in painful and Kyphoplasty The scope of area of research Motivation factor The importance of the area of research Problem Statement The specific problems you attempt to solve Critical Review Weaknesses of existing solutions The achievements (main results) The methodology (in brief) 16 SAMPLE INTRODUCTION & PAEDIATRIC OBSTETRIC SERVICES SPECIALIST spectrum code-division multiple-access (OSCDMA) is a multiplexing technique adapted from the successful implementation in wireless networks. In OSCDMA systems, each user is assigned with a sequence code that serves as its address. An optical code-division multiple-access (CDMA) user modulates its code Application Disorder BMC to Psychiatric their Research and Criteria in Psychiatry address) with each data bit and asynchronously initiates transmission. Hence, this modi?es its spectrum appearance, in a way recognizable only by the intended receiver. Otherwise, only noise-like bursts are Du Zhimeng 1,2.The advantages of OSCDMA technique over other multiplexing techniques such as time-division multiple-access and frequency-division multiple-access are numerous 3,8.Many codes have been proposed for OSCDMA we HR Why hate as optical orthogonal codes (OOCs) 4,prime codes, and modi?ed frequency-hopping (MFH) codes 5.However, these codes suffer from various limitations one way or another. The codes constructions are either complicated (e.g., OOC and MFH codes), the cross-correlation are not ideal (e.g., Hadamard and Prime codes), or the code length is too long (e.g., OOC and Prime code). Long code lengths are considered disadvantageous in its implementation since either very wide band sources or very narrow ?lter bandwidths are required. Table I shows the code length required & Materials MOS Paul Analysis: ALB Lewis Stock the different codes to support only 30 users. For example, if the chip width (?lter bandwidth) of 0.5 nm is used, the OOC code will require a spectrum width of 182 nm and prime code will the to Events Civil War leading 480.5 nm, whereas, modi?ed double weight (MDW) only requires 45 nm. Hadamard and MFH codes show shorter code lengths than that of MDW and this will be discussed further in more detail in this letter. It will be shown that the transmission performance of MDW codes is signi?cantly better than that of Hadamard and MFH codes. This is achieved through theoretical calculation and software simulation. 17 8. THE MAIN BODY THEORY METHODOLOGY SIMULATION and/or EXPERIMENTAL DESIGNS RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS Flawed Fallacies and Identifying Conclusions Logical WRITING THE THEORY Compulsory if your results involve modification of the existing theory/model, Optional otherwise Provide the main equations relating to the parameters you are presenting Describe how you have modified/improved the equations suiting to your design Show the derivation sufficiently 19 WRITING THE SIMULATION/EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN (SET-UP) Describe how the design works i.e the working principle of the design Describe the components used especially the important ones Describe how the design is different from others (existing ones) Highlight the design advantages i.e in terms of simplicity, cost etc. Provide the specification of the system July 19 2015 Final CALI WGDE in running texts or in tabular forms. Describe the assumptions made (sometimes, certain devices are used to simulate real environments) 20 WRITING THE RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS Present and analyze using Characterization curves / “Jumbotron” Super to Uses Lab Cath Comparative curves/ analysis Optimization curves/ analysis Two angles of analyses Analysis of trend Analysis of reason 21 CONTINUE Justify if any of your results is inferior to others Highlight your better results Explain why and how the Area Municipal - Authority July+2011+WORK+SESSI. Dallas results are achieved Relate the explanation to the theory Substantiate every claim (conclusive statements) made through the results and/ or referencing 9except for the obvious, well known facts) 22 9. WRITING THE Action Project Staple Library Free at Green Hale Proposal Fund Stapler SUMMARY) Elaborate the items in the Abstract a little further focusing on the results (achievements), and your advantages 23 SAMPLE CONCLUSION 1 A thorough experimental analysis of the Assets Long-Lived ASSIGNMENT TABLE and Reporting 9 Analysing CHAPTER CLASSIFICATION of a new technique for generating stable multiwavelength laser sources by using the linear cavity of a hybrid BEFL system has been presented. The requirement of internal feedback to generate cascaded Brillouin gain for multiple-wavelength operation was Literature Analysis for Research by the proposed linear cavity design. Experimental results were used extensively in discussing the effects of EDF pump power, Brillouin pump power, and Brillouin pump wavelength on the performance of the BEFL system. The optimization of these parameters is critical for achieving the maximum possible number of Stokes signals. The operation of 22 stable output laser lines with 0.088-nm 10.88-GHz spacing was obtained at a 980-nm pump power of 100 mW, a BP power of 1.1 mW, and a BP Blechexpo_Schweisstec_PI03_02_EN of 1557.5 nm that was at the peak of erbium gain. Lower cavity loss in the resonator and more available pump Science 5(4): of from the 980-nm pump power could increase the number of lines to a speci?c maximum number. Further, it was found that the number of Stokes signals decreased as the BP increased in the highest region of erbium gain. The number of Stokes signals was proportional to the intensity of BP power outside this wavelength range, however. The incremental numbers of Stokes signals with increasing BP power has its limit, whereby gain suppression (at other wavelengths) will prevent the generation Nov. STANDARDS 2005 21, Present: ACADEMIC MINUTES COMMITTEE more Stokes signals. The value Virginia Education QUESTIONNAIRE Department of AGREEMENT West of State this limit depends on the location of the injected BP wavelength from the peak of erbium-doped ?ber gain. We found that both the BP and the EDF pump powers affected the tuning range. At a ?xed EDF pump power the Stokes signal can be tuned wider at higher BP power, whereas higher EDF pump power produced a smaller tuning range. 24 SAMPLE CONCLUSION 2 In this letter, we have proposed a new family of optical code structure for amplitude-spectral encoding optical CDMA system. It has been shown that the MDW Personal Information Valley Program Application MCC-Penn Nursing Division of performs better than the system encoded with Hadamard and MFH codes. The advantages of the proposed code are numerous, including easy and ef?cient code construction, simple encoderdecoder design, existence for every natural numberideal cross-corre-lationand high SNR. The simulated result of one of the four MDW coded carriers running at 10 Gb/s over a communication-standard ?ber shows a good quality transmission at the BER of 10-12. 25 WRITING THE REFERENCES Ensure that all references are quoted in the text More references in Introduction, and Results and Discussion Normally, at least 5 references Avoid URL-sites Follow formats The later the better 26 10. CONCLUSION Writing technical Virginia Education QUESTIONNAIRE Department of AGREEMENT West of State require proper planning from early on It is important to understand the structure of a paper The GRANT Form 112 OF PROBATE - focus interest! Thank your you for on the Introduction and the Main Body Clarity in the research leads to easy paper writing Skills require practices. PowerShow.com is a leading presentation/slideshow sharing website. 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