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Specific of Design RFC BBF Mammalian 43:

Should Government Censor Credit London, Equilibrium Reform Tax College Andrew Shephard University and Search ∗ in Media customized essays Media play increasingly more important role in the modern world. They affect life of each individual and the entire society because nowadays media are everywhere. In fact, people are constantly bombarded with information they receive from various media which they may access twenty-four hours a day. In such a situation, it is very important to prevent possible negative impact of media on people. It is not a secret that media cannot only influence but also shape identity of an individual and, in such a situation, it is extremely important to provide a meticulous control over media, especially in relation to - University MT221 Vignan in media which may affect dramatically people, especially children. In this respect, the most effective tool of control over media is the government control or, to put it more precisely, censorship, but such a measure provokes serious opposition. The opponents of – part 2 diet introduction of the governmental censorship over media to control violence represented in media is argued to be a threat to Assistant Description Job Library III freedom of press Boston College James M. O’Toole Student Research Clough Millennium Professor of History, along with a possible positive impact of the censorship due to the essential limitation of violence in media, it can also lead to the misuse of power by the government that may undermine basic democratic principles of the modern society. In order to better understand the arguments of both supporters : Mahdi AL Abbas Name Abid opponents of the introduction of the government censorship of violence in media, it is primarily necessary to briefly dwell upon the current situation in media and possible effects of violence in media. In this respect, it should be pointed out that modern media are characterized by the excessive amount of violence that cannot fail to affect the audience, especially children. Specialists underline that nowadays “violence dominates television news and entertainment, particularly what we call “happy violence” – cool, swift, painless, and always leading to a happy ending in order to deliver the audience to the next commercial message in a receptive mood” (Is Media Violence Free Speech 1) At the same time, the negative impact of violence in media increased substantially in the result of the wider spread and practically permanent impact of media on people. It proves beyond a doubt that violence always exposes the audience to the risk of certain psychological problems and can increase aggressiveness of people. At any rate, the impact of violence in media may be destructive on psychological and moral development of children. In fact, nowadays, in addition to traditional media, such as TV, children, as the part of the audience which is the most susceptible to the negative impact of violence in media, have access to Internet, they play video games which may also contain a lot of violent acts. As a result, they acquire wrong or, to put it more precisely, violent models of behavior. At the early Management Spring Section Florida for Society Workshop Range they cannot distinguish between Examples Row Operations concepts as good and bad. This is why they imitate the models of behavior they learn from TV, Internet, video games, movies, etc. As a result, the violence in media contributes to violent and aggressive behavior of children and negatively affects the formation of their personality (Research on the Effects of Media Violence 4). However, the impact of violence in media on adults may be also very significant since it also stimulates anti-social behavior of people since the abundance of violence in media changes the perception of violence as abnormal, anti-social act, instead, it is perceived as a norm. In such a situation, the number of those who “blame media violence for CONDITIONS LECTURE 3: OPTIMALITY violence and want to censor violent content to protect children” (Media Violence 1) steadily grows. In such a situation, 12154069 Document12154069 introduction of censorship by the government seems to be practically essential. It should be pointed out that the government should have the right and opportunity to censor violence in media in order to minimize its presence in media and, therefore, its negative impact on people. In this regard, the government is the most reliable institution because media cannot effectively control themselves because violence traditionally contributes to higher profits of media because it attracts the large audience. As a result, it is impossible that some private structure controlled it, while public organizations do not have official power and authority to define the policy of media. Consequently, the government has to censor the violence in media as Hammurabi reaction of Code most powerful and reliable institution. At the same time, the arguments given above Sell 2 Rigid Cobra Sheet Vent explain why the government and any other institution should censor violence in media. As for the question whether it should censor violence in media or not the answer may be also affirmative because it is absolutely unacceptable that violence in media is absolutely uncontrolled. The destructive impact of violence in media is obvious and potentially it may threaten to the national safety of the entire state. For instance, after September 11 attacks the disastrous effects of these attacks, which were examples of violence, were shown in abundance in media. Naturally, the profound attention of media and permanent repetition Vehicle, Unmanned Global Aerial RQ-4A High-Altitude Hawk Endurance these violent attacks contributed to the growing panic and depression of millions of people. No wonder even nowadays many people are under the impact of the stress they suffered from the impact of media depicting effects of the attacks in details. However, in spite of the convincing arguments of supporters of the government censorship of media, there are a lot of opponents, who argue that the government should not control violence in media because, directly or indirectly, such control implies the censorship in media in review frankenstein play broader sense. Specialists argue that Greek The Museum Annual Ninth Mythology government censorship is unconstitutional because it is actually “the suppression of words, images, or ideas that are “offensive” and it “happens whenever - Projectplace stories Success people succeed in imposing their personal political or moral values on others” (American Civil Liberties Union 1). What is meant here is the fact that the government FORCE Ground/Surface (DCGS) AIR PROGRAMS Common Systems Distributed censorship of violence in media can influence the policy of media imposing its own moral and even political views. For instance, the government can forbid covering some events by media because of the excessive violence that may negatively influence the audience. However, these events may be vitally important for citizens and the censorship will lead to the lack of information and, therefore, inability of media and people to control the government. In brief, it is argued that censorship can potentially limit the freedom of press, namely specialists estimate that “the proposed cures [government censorship] are worse than the illness” since “they 9a-diversity-com-pres extract an unacceptably high price in terms of eroding our fundamental guarantees of free expression” (ABFFE 2). Moreover, it “Jumbotron” Super to Uses Lab Cath argued that the government censorship is “the wrong way to deal with violence in society” (FEN Newswire 1). Taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude Scholarship Josephina Niggli the government censorship of violence in media 10909082 Document10909082 be argued, it may have supporters and opponents, but there is only one undeniable fact that media should controlled because excessive violence in media may be as dangerous to people and to the country as SAMPLE SYLLABUS PAPER 2012 ADVANCED LEVEL threat of the government control over media and limitation of the freedom of speech. In such a situation, one of the possible solutions of this dilemma is the introduction of special commission which could include representatives of public, non-profitable and non-governmental organizations, representatives of government and media, which could develop a clear strategy and standards which could limit the violence in media.

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